Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tiny feet in wet sand...

Look up
Look up
Don’t be afraid
We all do
In a different way!

Look up look up
You are so tiny
I am standing on a mountain
Are you still breathing?
Look up look up
Don’t give up
You are still growing
Among ants and reptiles.
Look up Look up
Where are you?
I can’t find
In a crowd of two.
Look up Look up
Don’t be shy
We all love you
But you still need a mic.
Look up Look up
That guy is cute
Can you see his face?
Go read some books.
Look up Look up
Being shorter helps
I lost a pin
Would you find it, please?
Look up Look up
I got a hair cut
Can you still hear me?
Oh! stand on a stool.

Look up Look up
Why hide away in bushes?
Let us sit on a chair
And frame us together.
Don’t be shy
Will photoshop your legs
Make you dance over the wall
Do a catwalk on the ramp.

So what if clothes don’t fit you
You are still charming
Helping us to hide our insecurities
in something you were born with.
So what if you are short
It makes you cute
Just don’t speak
It sounds so rude,
You are pretty
Be like that
A doll in the museum

For everyone else to stare at.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Far away in love

Thousand miles away
Locked in a heart
I write you a letter
From the lost war,
In our quest of desires
We left the only thing
We ever had with us,
Our moments together
Of laughter and sorrow
Our fights over the coloured sky
And, our giggles that lasted until we cried.

658 days and counting more
Not even one day went 
Without remembering you,
The scented candle in our room
Is replaced by white lilies now
To always remind me of our last time
Of the empty bed and the tinted blinds,
The books are kept off the shelf
Near the side lamp that we used
After a long day of suits.

The rain still pour slowly on our doorway
On the muddy roads and leaded windows,
I still drink wine at night sometimes
The other glass is kept on my side,
It’s the hugs that I miss the most
The kiss that I feel a lot
A remembrance of our days together
Everything is kept with me
Beneath this happy face
Maybe, I smile a lot.

The time has changed
And left me misplaced,
Can you come back?
Like, you never left
The distance is not what I hate
The constant struggle is a difficult phase
No rubbing shoulders, nothing to touch
The space I got
Feels a little too much,
Come back and feel my smile
Once again, I want to feel alive.

Thousand miles away
Have you changed?
Your images are blurred
And you whisper a lot,
Come back, you fool
It’s the hour of love
I still wait in the same porch
Looking at you
The way you looked before.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The day I closed my eyes…

I read interviews and mocked the epiphany
I heard them talk on radio too,
There wallowed tales of solitude
Of alcohol and drugs misused.
The mocking couldn’t stop until I saw someone
The man with a straight face and a smile so powerful
I followed his trail of oceanic scent
And entered a dark den of substance
Staying there for hours and hours
And chatting non-stop about the lives of miserable’
My life went smooth, and I stressed more.
He touched me and I felt…. sad
I looked around to breathe happiness.

Your see what you want them to see,
The faces curtained with emotions
Masquerading around you,
Smothering your ears with compliments
Walking past you.

I moved closer to feel the emptiness.
He left without saying a word
Confused, I noticed the curtains’ colour
The same pale blue that I always hated 
And, the walls of my room looked blank.

Days and nights felt the same
I spoke to feel my voice
I hung around with all my friends
What was I thinking? Yet unknown
Why my body shivered, nobody could tell
The day seemed longer, and family distant
My ears tried to listen but I barely heard
The work was good, but my eyes felt wet
The cheeks didn’t know,
Why droplets rolled on them
I was losing something of importance
In the middle of the night I could sense the darkness.

The sky started to close on me
The ground swelled with pride of flesh
A faint smile on my lips
As I looked out of the window

For the last time.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Let it happen...

It will happen one day
you will fail
people will talk
you will cry
there will be more whispers,
It will happen one day.
You will be afraid
coz’ you were strong
you will be sad
coz’ you were happy
It will happen one day,
you would like to grow
yet feel stuck in that moment
you will want to fly
yet your wings would refuse
It will happen
It all will happen one day,
you would be judged
for the way you appear,
you would be embarrased
about the way you kissed,
they will make fun
of the way you smell,
It will all happen one day.

The time you lost as a teenager
you would want it back
the time you spent making memories
you would long for that
It will happen
It all will happen one day.
But look at the world outside you
the singing birds and the roaring tides
the blinding dawn to the dusky night
the beautiful kids and the rustling streets
everything talks to your inner being
everything reminds you of one thing.
Let everything happen to you
Let every negativity cast a spell on you
Let people take advantage of you
Let people call you names,
you will shine brighter from that day,

coz’ It will all happen one day!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Closure... for a new beginning!

I tried again
scribbled some letters
looked for memories
hardly painted by me.

My eyes stared at noone
my heart wandered for everyone,
nothing hidden could be found
nothing promised could be broken.

I tried again
looked for pictures
lost friends
and some ashes

Met a lost self
in a diary of teen
how happy I was
how beautiful it showed

There was no silence
It was chaos I longed for,
to fill the void in my soul
to unrest the restleness
to bring back the time
and my words.

With the lost affection,
I write again,
as a proof to my 40 self
as a proof to what I have left!

courtesy - theanxietydiaries

Monday, April 7, 2014

A letter to love...

I write you an open letter
Of our love and passion
Rise and fall
Sanity and folly
A story that speaks all.

I paint it red for you to read
You like it when it speaks of love
The love we had
When millions saw
It lived with us
Till death took you apart.

I write this letter to an address unknown
I hear you whisper from a dense zone
Not clear to be held so tight
I hear you for the last time.

Living a life without a soul
I can’t keep my heart for long
Here, I wish I could fly
To a destination unknown
Where I lie in your arms
And never wake up to the dreams of past.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The already lost love

It was an urge
A habit, of sorts
The perfumed body of thoughts
I wanted that all.

In small proportions
I loved the entire artwork
It seemed as a masterpiece
And I wanted to keep it alive
In my dreams, in my heart
In my memories,
Of love and failure.

A present so beautiful
Turned itself into an ugly past
A love forbidden, I was asked to pass.
The scripture of my love
Suddenly shook to reality
And burnt down to ashes
The moment I touched it.

You can’t rub
The already written script
The already told fortune
The already whispered thoughts
And the already lost love.